Show Times

Current and upcoming show times are listed below. Click on the location to see the dates and times.  To book tickets click here.


The Big Top seating plan can be viewed here.


Coming soon to...

In 2018 we'll be coming to a loation near you. Stay tuned for more details and dates soon:




Bacchus Marsh

Airport West

Burnley Oval and

Fountain Gate


Mornington - January 2018

Location: Bata Shoe Ground, 1158 Nepean Highway, Mornington


January 2018

Wednesday 3rd - 8.00pm

Thursday 4th - 11.00am

Friday 5th - 11.00am and 8.00pm

Saturday 6th - 11.00am and 8.00pm

Sunday 7th - 11.00am

Monday 8th - No show

Tuesday 9th - 11.00am

Wednesday 10th - 11.00am and 8.00pm

Thursday 11th - 11.00am

Friday 12th - 11.00am and 8.00pm

Saturday 13th - 11.00am and 8.00pm

Sunday 14th - 11.00am

Monday 15th - No show

Tuesday 16th - 11.00am

Wednesday 17th - 11.00am and 8.00pm

Thursday 18th - 11.00am

Friday 19th - 8.00pm

Saturday 20th - 11.00am and 8.00pm

Sunday 21st - 11.00am

Monday 22nd - No show

Tuesday 23rd - 11.00am

Wednesday - 11.00am and 8.00pm

Thursday 25th - 11.00am

Friday 26th - 11.00am and 8.00pm

Saturday 27th - 11.00am and 8.00pm

Sunday 28th - 11.00am


Dingley - January / February 2018

Location: Dingley Villace, Cnr Centre Dnadenong & Boundary Rds


First time ever on this location



Wednesday 31st - 7.30pm



Thursday 1st - 7.30pm

Friday 2nd - 7.30pm

Saturday 3rd - 1.00pm    7.30pm

Sunday 4th - 1.00pm    4.00pm

Monday 5th - No Show

Tuesday 6th - No Show

Wednesday 7th - 7.30pm

Thursday 8th - 7.30pm

Friday 9th - 7.30pm

Saturday 10th - 1.00pm    7.30pm

Sunday 11th - 1.00pm    4.00pm

Monday 12th - No Show

Tuesday 13th - No Show

Wednesday 14th - 7.30pm

Thursday 15th - No Show

Friday 16th - 7.30pm

Saturday 17th - 1.00pm    7.30pm

Sunday 18th - 1.00pm    4.00pm

Monday 19th - No Show

Tuesday 20th - No Show

Wednesday 21st - 7.30pm

Thursday 22nd - No Show

Friday 23rd - 7.30pm

Saturday 24th - 1.00pm    7.30pm

Sunday 25th - 11.00am