1976 saw Anna and Anton Gasser on a boat voyage with one-way tickets to Australia, accompanied by their seven-year-old son Tony.

With meagre savings in their pockets and their dreams clenched tightly in their fist, the machine was now in motion to create a sophisticated European style Circus here in Australia! However, this is not so easy on a shoestring budget.

So, starting off very small with a couple of trucks and caravans, small second-hand tent and a monkey, the hard toil began.

Anton and Tony (as young as he was) were doing the physical hard yakka, Anna was on the business and publicity side. Over the years Tony’s help and input into Silvers Circus, on so many different levels, has been invaluable to the family & family business.

The family grew with the births of Rosita and Dominik in 1976 and 1978 respectively, and from young ages, they also, had great input into the business. Initially in performance rolls, and then in time more involved in the logistics, production and promotion aspects of the show.

With an eye on their ideals and careful with their finances, Anna and Anton gradually grew the circus from the humble beginnings into a giant in the circus world.

Always leading the pack with the best international acts to be imported, production technologies, new Italian designed tents, the list goes on.

Many world agree that Silvers Circus is a circus of many firsts.

In 1987 a new era of Silvers Circus was launched with the production of “Silvers Grand Magic Circus” that catapulted Silvers into the realm of international mega circuses.

The year 2000 saw Tony retire from performing “The Wheel of Steal”.

To “stop me going stir crazy” (Tony’s own words), he decided to start his own business called “Unique Attractions”, with his wife Debbie Gasser, which has been a tremendous success!

Since its establishment, Silvers have constantly been upgrading and innovating to present the best possible international circus programmes.

We have collaborated on many projects, including our successful 2019 show, Jurassic Unearthed by Silvers.

These days Silvers are also the executive producers and co-owners of “Santa’s Magical Kingdom” and “Sesame Street Circus Spectacular”!

Silvers have been featured in numerous television events from the Italian produced, international circus competition, where Silvers were voted one of the top ten circuses of the world. To “A Big Country” documentary on the ABC and the television series “Celebrity Circus” with channel 9 Australia.

Rosita and Dominik, along with their partners (the new generation of Silvers Circus) are determined to keep the momentum going forward.

Opening new doors, forever exploring the fringe to present the most exciting entertainment for your enjoyment!

Experience the magic and be amazed.
Don’t miss out – seasons are strictly limited!
Silvers Circus